Immersion Course

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The course, of 5 seminars, will honour William Garner Sutherland’s journey. Early in his career Dr Sutherland described the subtle rhythmic motion of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism. His later insights led him to the Potency of the Breath of Life, the ‘liquid light’, which ignites and animates all living organisms. The practice of Craniosacral Biodynamics orients the practitioner to the action of this Potency within the fluid body and the slower tidal rhythms that it generates.

We will also be drawing on the insights contributed by Franklyn Sills; particularly the nature of the relational field, an appreciation of the three bodies and skills for meeting the psycho-emotional aspects of our clients’ histories.

Finally, the curriculum will be grounded in my own 35 years of clinical experience in this gentle touch practice.

SEMINAR 1 June 30 – July 3, 2022


Presence, Contact and Primary Respiration.

Topic will include:

  • Introducing the Biodynamic Paradigm
  •  Building safety in the holding field
  • The cultivation of presence – being to being connection
  • Health and Resources
  • Relational touch – negotiation and listening skills
  • The Fluid Body – meeting complexity within wholeness
  • The Tide – The Three rhythms of Primary Respiration
  • Long Tide,  Mid Tide, Cranial Rhythmic Impulse

SEMINAR 2 September 22 – 25, 2022


Original Motion and Conditioned Motion

Topics will include:

  •  Forces and Fulcra
  •  Blueprint and Imprint – meeting the contingencies of life
  • Three unfoldments of the human body
  • Mid Tide - Tissues, fluids and liquid light
  • Therapeutic Contact – the Holistic Shift
  • Trauma  Model 1 - The body remembers
  • Resources, overwhelm and traumatization
  • The Polyvagal Perspective
  • Skills for meeting hyperarousal, freeze and dissociation

SEMINAR 3 November 17 – 22, 2022


Moulding the body and mind

Topics will include:

  • The birth journey seen from the baby’s perspective
  •  Birth energy and empowerment
  • Creative opposition in the birth canal
  • Transition from inside the womb to the outside world
  •  Umbilical ignition
  •  The SBJ and patterns of experience - birth stages and cranial moulding
  •  Diagnostic touch - Fluid head and whole-body patterns
  •  Therapeutic touch – Becker’s three step approach
  •  Trauma Model 2 – Pre-verbal imprints, birth, bonding and attachment

SEMINAR 4 January 26 – 29, 2023


The axes of human organisation and function

Topics will include:

  • The vertical midline – the axis mundi
  • Ventral midline of the axial skeleton
  • Dorsal Midline as the fluid core
  • Quantum midline as a vibrational central conduit of the life force
  • The spine - wholeness and segmentation
  • Axis of the tensegrity body
  • Embryological and neurological segments
  • The horizontal midline – the axis of our common humanity
  • The umbilicus as a blueprint of connection
  • The relational midline – we are social beings
  • The viscera as our emotional radar
  • ‘Neuroception’, social engagement and the Vagus nerve

SEMINAR 5 April 20 – 23, 2023


Ignition and Transmutation

Topics will include:

  • State of Balance as a mysterious gateway
  •  Dr Becker’s great insight into the nature of healing
  • “rhythmic balanced interchange” between the Stillness, the ‘liquid light’ of potency and inertial forces.
  • “something happens” – transmutation or change of state
  • Dynamic transformation in the depth of stillness
  • The Inherent Treatment Plan
  • Following the healing priorities which arise from within
  • Back to wholeness – realizing original health
  • Ignition – the spark in the engine
  • Conception ignition and the 3rd ventricle dynamo
  • Heart ignition and the embodiment of being
  • Ignition of the Quantum Midline – vortices of potency
  • The incandescent core of being


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