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have been teaching craniosacral therapy for more than 20 years. I use my background in visual and performance arts to make my teaching lively and immediate. Props play a major part; anything from balloons, apples to a washing-up bowl can be useful to illustrate a particular function. I also like modeling in clay, especially when teaching embryology. You can literally see the embryonic form morphing from stage to stage guided by biodynamic forces. There is a clear link between early human development and the motility of tissues and fluids in the fully grown body. Embrygenesis is a particular passion and my postgraduate classes frequently have a component of relevant embryology.

I like my teaching to have practical application; to be of use in your therapeutic work for the good of your clients. My style is straight forward with an emphasis on making complex material easily accessible. I am involved in running practitioner trainings at several schools as well as teaching many post-graduate courses. 

I regularly teach in England, Switzerland and other parts of Europe as well as the USA. Although my schedule is busy, do contact me if you would like me to teach a course at your institution.


Familiarity with embryology is helpful for cranial practitioners. I can recommend two excellent websites:

1. Jaap van der Wal


2. University of New South Wales


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