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Seminars 2023

These seminars are open to qualified craniosacral therapists as part of continuing professional development. Seminars are taught in English with translation into the local language.

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15 April

IcRA London 

Birth Energy

At the end of gestation there is an imperative to be born. The baby outgrows the womb environment and needs to transition to the outside world, not simply to survive but also to fully engage with their unique potential to live their life. 


The impulse for birth comes from the baby. The baby feels its power and effectiveness as it negotiates the canal through the maternal pelvis. The mother also has her power and her instinctual knowledge about birthing her child. When unhindered, birth is a forceful, passionate dance between the two. The opposition provided by the firm pelvis allows the baby to exercise their might and connect with the joy of living.


In sessions, we will explore the skill of creative opposition to meet our birth histories anew and liberate thwarted potential. 

20-23 April

Marea Larga, Madrid, Spain

Immersion Course part 4


The axes of human organisation and function

Topics will include:

·       The vertical midline – the axis mundi

·       Ventral midline of the axial skeleton

·       Dorsal Midline as the fluid core

·       Quantum midline as a vibrational central conduit of the life force

·       The spine - wholeness and segmentation

·       Embryological and neurological segments

·       The horizontal midline – the axis of our common humanity

·       The umbilicus as a blueprint of connection

·       The relational midline – 'Neuroception'

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22-23 May

Da-Sein Institut, Switzerland

Focusing for Cranial Practitioners

What is focusing?

Focusing is a body-oriented process of self-awareness. It is based in an ability that most of us have, or can develop - that of listening to what our subtle inner feelings are telling us. 

In this workshop we will learn or deepen into the Focusing form and apply it in session work. There are three main ways in which Focusing can enrich our biodymanic treatment modality: self care, enhancing clients' body awareness and co-regulation.

19 June

Da-Sein Institut, Switzerland

Abdominal Pain

Visceral pain is particularly complicated and less well understood than somatic pain. This is especially true of pain in the belly. For a large proportion of sufferers, abdominal pain is accepted as part of daily life and symptoms are self-managed. It is often accompanied by intense psychological or emotional reaction.

In this clinical focus day, we will look and the somatic and autonomic sensory pathways which convey gut pain. Referred pain, which adds another dimension to the experience of abdominal pain, and the emotional component. Gut pathology sometimes manifests only through emotional reactions and discomfort, not pain. 

Our practical sessions will focus on desensitising the gut, promoting parasympathetic states and allowing space for the wisdom of our gut feelings.

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22-25 June

Marea Larga, Madrid, Spain

Immersion Course part 5


Ignition and Transmutation

Topics will include:

·       State of Balance as a mysterious gateway

·       “rhythmic balanced interchange” 

·       Dynamic transformation in the depth of stillness

·       The Inherent Treatment Plan

·       Back to wholeness – realizing original health

·       Ignition – the spark in the engine

·       Conception ignition and the 3rd ventricle dynamo

·       Heart ignition and the embodiment of being

·       Ignition of the Quantum Midline – vortices of potency

·       The incandescent core of being

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Potency and its Functions

2-4 September

Circle Cranio, Exeter UK

21-24 September

ACSI, Rome, Italy

29 September-1 October

Da-Sein Institut, Switzerland

The Potency of the Breath of Life is our gateway into the therapeutic interchange which takes place in BCST sessions. WG Sutherland told us that the Potency was intelligent and that you could rely on it to do the work for you without using any external force. Rollin Becker noted that the Potency condensed at sites of affliction and by doing so it contained the damage and maintained the best possible conditions for the whole organism, the whole individual. Franklyn Sills further distilled these notions into the Three Functions of Potency: Organizational, Protective and Healing. 

My observation is that the Potency serves another function, an Adaptive function. In its Adaptive function, the Potency embraces and accommodates the moment to moment stream of experience that we encounter from the time of conception till our dying breath. It makes us fit for life. It bestows resilience

28-29 October


Conference of the AETBC, Spain

I will be speaking at the conference of the Spanish Association of Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioners. Details to follow.

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30-31 October

AEBTC, Spain 

27-28 November

Da-sein Institut, Switzerland

Touch is the primary tool of craniosacral therapists. Dr Sutherland, the originator of cranial osteopathy, frequently talked about ‘wise, seeing, feeling, thinking fingers’ and was convinced that ‘finger-seeing is the only possibility for reading diagnostic messages from the body’.

This workshop is inspired by the many and varied questions of students, graduates and long-standing cranial practitioners regarding what it is that they are feeling in treatment session. Also by the common statement “I don’t know what happened during that session but the patient’s symptoms disappeared”.

We will explore relational touch, diagnostic touch and therapeutic touch.

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