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Making complex material easily accessible

I have been teaching craniosacral therapy for more than 30 years, the first fifteen of which were spent under Franklyn Sill’s mentorship. I use my background in visual and performance arts to make my teaching lively and immediate. Props play a major part; anything from balloons, apples to a washing-up bowl can be useful to illustrate a particular function. I also like modelling in clay, especially when teaching embryology. You can literally see the embryonic form morphing from stage to stage guided by biodynamic forces. There is a clear link between early human development and the motility of tissues and fluids in the fully grown body. Embryogenesis is a particular passion, and my postgraduate classes frequently have a component of relevant embryology.

My teaching always has the clinical practice of BCST as the primary focus. I endeavour to impart knowledge and skills for the benefit of your clients. My style is straight forward with an emphasis on making complex material easily accessible. I am involved in running practitioner trainings at several schools as well as teaching many post-graduate seminars. 

I regularly teach in England, Switzerland and other parts of Europe and occasionally the USA. Although my schedule is busy, do contact me if you would like me to teach a course at your institution.

Craniosacral Biodynamics is an approach to the teaching and practice of

Craniosacral Therapy which is based on an understanding of the natural forces that organize our form and function.


The professional training entails 48 to 60 days of tuition given over the space of two or three years.

Immersion courses of 20 - 25 days are also available for qualified practitioners.

I am currently affiliated with the following schools as a senior tutor on practitioner and post-graduate trainings.


Da-Sein Institut, Switzerland

Circle Cranio, UK

Marea Larga, Spain


Practitioner Training


I am registered supervisor with the CSTA,

And CranioSuisse,


I am happy to offer supervision to qualified practitioners at all stages in their career. Mostly one to one sessions, on line, or in person. Group and student supervision, by arrangement.


Contact me at

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